The 25 min choreography V-I-E-R is originally inspired by the dance of the four swans in the classical ballet «Swan Lake» , in which Joy Alpuerto Ritter works with themes of belonging and freedom. She explores the strict synchronicity and discipline essential in classical dance with four urban dancers. How can the four individualists function […]


A tribute to the dark goddesses, whose characters and  power have been turned into something fearful, scary  and evil in the history. Tonight we want to remember that power and strength and birth a new way of existing. «Because from all the times you tried to bury us, this requiem shall be the last one, […]


(short excerpt of my solo part) the sunrise brings the sun and the energy for a new day. It is the time to live, feel and have fun. When the night puts its veil over the world, dreams reign, pulling us into a world of longing and emotions. Dramaturgy and direction: Dhélé Agbetou  A production […]

OPFERSCHICHT – Narben und Namen (Scars and Names)

“Opferschicht” (literally “victim layer”) is the German word for a sacrificial layer on a surface – for example, the adhesive film on the windows of Berlin’s subways that protects the glass from people who scratch words and names onto it. To get rid of the etchings, this layer gets sacrificed. Who built the city, who […]