About Me

About Me

Hello! I'm Rocio Pez

Rocio is a professional dancer and choreographer from Malaga, Spain, who has been based in Berlin since 2016. She focuses on contemporary dance, waving and popping. She currently combines these styles of dance as a dancer and choreographer and brings her own distinctive movement language to the stage. 


 At the age of 18, she began studying Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona (UB), learning different techniques and artistic approaches. Thanks to these studies, her dance creations and movement approaches have a broad artistic and diverse perspective that goes beyond the purely dance-related. 


She started dancing at the age of 10 with jazz and contemporary but between 2012 and 2016 she completed two different urban dance studies. One in «Tribu Urbana» dance school and completed the three-year training with Frank da Costa (Barcelona), where she received classes in dance and music history, improvisation and choreography/composition. 


 Rocio has been constantly active as a dancer for projects, movies, advertisment and companies with choreographers such as Kadir «Amigo» Memis, Joy Alpuerto, Safet Mistele, Carlos Aller, Roberta Pupotto, Joachim Goldschmidt and Lukas Malkowsky.  

She taught at various dance companies and studios such as Motions Tanz&Bewegung, Flyingsteps Accademy, Seneca Intensive, Dart Studio, Marameo and Stadttheater Gießen in Germany but also she performed and taugh in South Korea, Spain, France, Italy and china.  


 In 2021 she worked for the project «Opferschicht» by Kadir «Amigo» Memis, in cooperation with HAU Berlin. In this year she also worked for the Berlin series «Babylon Berlin» as a main ensemble dancer, was a dancer for the brand JD Sports and danced in a turism advertisment for Almuñecar, Spain.


In 2022 she was invited as a dancer of the project «UrbanFeminism» to perform a production for the international dance festival Tanz im August.  Worked for a theater piece with Joy Alpuerto called “V-I-E-R”, took part of the Redbull dancers for «Dance your style» event and choreographed and danced for the project «BACH-TOD-TANZ». 


Currently she has been researching and working on her own movement approach as she has received European funding for dance and movement research and creating several pieces for different companies.

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